100 years of diffuser blends: A blend for each decade

100 years of diffuser blends: A blend for each decade

From jazz-loving flappers to insta-sharing millennials, we’ve brought together the trends that define the last 10 decades and turned them into history book-worthy diffuser blends.

As we get ready to kick off another decade, join us as we take an aromatic trip down memory lane. Revel in the Roaring Twenties or reminisce about the totally radical 80s with our diffuser blends for every decade.

1920s diffuser blend 

The Roaring Twenties were all about having a good time—bobs, baseball, and brave nonstop flights across the Atlantic. Channel your inner flapper with a blend of Abundance™ to celebrate a booming economy, Peppermint for refreshing changes in fashion, and Geranium for the sweet sounds of jazz.

Flapper diffuser blend

1930s diffuser blend

The 1930s had more than its fair share of lows—the Dust Bowl, the Great Depression, the start of World War II. For many Americans, the silver lining was found on the silver screen. Hollywood celebrities provided a much-needed escape from reality. If legendary directors were still around, we think they’d like the Lavender, Raven™, and Frankincense essential oils in this decade’s diffuser blend.

Film Icon diffuser blend

1940s diffuser blend

During World War II, women wove their way into the workplace, filling jobs left by men who joined the military. These women worked in every sector of the economy, from marketing to munitions, and often had to balance family life with factory work. With this diffuser blend—Valor® (obvs), Bergamot, Cedarwood, and Ylang Ylang—we tip our bandana to their bravery.

Rosie the Riveter diffuser blend

1950s diffuser blend

The Cold War may have been in full swing, but so were the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll’s hips. Russia took a back seat to blue suede shoes, and more than one poodle skirt-wearing fan found herself all shook up whenever the King started crooning. When you’re ready to relive those rockabilly days, the scent of Clary Sage, Juniper, and Stress Away™ will do the trick!

Bossa Nova Baby diffuser blend

1960s diffuser blend

If you want to talk about a revolution, there’s no better time than the 60s. Fringe-wearing youth broke records at music festivals as they celebrated peace and love—ideals that defined the decade. Like the Fab Four, those youth believed all you need is love. Promote your own peace with the grounding, earthy scents of Patchouli, Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood™, and Black Pepper essential oils.

Flower child diffuser blend

1970s diffuser blend

If you had to describe the 70s in only one word, it would be disco. When you wanted to get down and boogie, there was nothing better than a light-up dance floor and a mirrored disco ball. Spice up your Saturday night movin’ and groovin’ with the bright, uplifting aromas of Harmony™, Lemon, and Spearmint. A few drops of Northern Lights Black Spruce rounds it out with a bit of heady richness.

disco star diffuser blend

1980s diffuser blend

The 80s were, like, totally all about MTV, massive cell phones, and movies featuring the Brat Pack. It was a “don’t worry, be happy” decade where energy and spirits were high. If you were a shoulder pad-wearing worker by day and leotard-clad aerobics aficionado by night, you’ll love bright En-R-Gee™ mixed with sweet Tangerine. The energy-boosting scent will get you through any Bowie-designed labyrinth.

jazzercizer diffuser blend

1990s diffuser blend

Remember rockin’ out with your new portable CD player while wearing butterfly clips and stonewashed jeans? Or hopping on your chunky PC and using Netscape to navigate the World Wide Web? You have the 90s to thank for that! You can also thank the 90s for girl bands, grunge, and hip hop. Grab your flannel shirt, denim jacket, and platform sneakers as we give a girl-powered nod to the 90s with Pine, Copaiba, and Lemongrass oils.

GRL PWR diffuser blend

2000s diffuser blend

The first artificial heart, Facebook, and the final book in a popular series about a boy wizard and his unnamable nemesis—it’s difficult to decide which one was the biggest moment for the decade. Throw all things denim, hip hop, and reality TV into the mix and you have 10 years worthy of this fruit-infused flashback. Nothing says “that is so fetch” like the bright, sassy scents of Grapefruit, Lime, Orange, and Eucalyptus Blue essential oils.

Millennial diffuser blend

2010s diffuser blend

Memes, undercuts, and K-Pop, oh my! When it’s time to reminisce about the 2010s, what will we remember most? Will it be ballerina flats or binge-watching every season of your favorite series in 48 hours? 3D printing or the latest dating app? If we’re lucky, it will be a renewed effort to create change—social, cultural, environmental—to make the world a better place for future generations. The inspiring aromas of Present Time™ and Joy™ complement the robust scents of Rosemary and Lemon Myrtle for a hopeful, fresh, forward-looking diffuser blend.

Influencer diffuser blend

Is reminiscing about the good ol’ days—and those good ol’ first dates—giving you all the feels? Match your mood to one of these romantic essential oil blends. When you’re ready to wax nostalgic about your childhood, check out our 50 diffuser blends for 50 states. Warning: You might get a little homesick.

Which decade will you diffuse?

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