31 YL products you need to try (if you haven’t already)

31 YL products you need to try (if you haven’t already)

Young Living has a long list of amazing products, and we’re not just talking about our Thieves® blend and Lavender essential oil! Have you had the chance to fall in love with our high-quality cookware, wrinkle cream, and seriously trendy apparel? With over 600 products to try, you may have missed some of these finds. We dove into our product line and found 31 totally amazing products you need to try—if you haven’t already!Selfie Light


1. Selfie light: Taking a Savvy Minerals® selfie to show off that bright, beautiful complexion? Grab this on-the-go ring light, clip it onto your smartphone, and snap a pic perfect for sharing with friends or posting to your Insta stories!

2. Oil bottle labels: We’re not exaggerating when we say these labels are the greatest thing that’s ever happened to essential oil organization. Stick these labels on top of your YL essential oil bottles and say goodbye to spending hours digging through your oil collection looking for your missing bottle of Peppermint!

3. Oil bottle phone ring: Our YL-inspired phone ring helps you keep a tight grip on your phone no matter how much Lavender Hand and Body Lotion you put on your hands! Designed to look like a bottle of your favorite essential oil, the gold ring sticks to the back of your smartphone and holds it securely to your hand whether you’re texting or taking selfies!

4. Round 5 ml oil case: Toting your favorite Young Living essential oils has never been so easy—or looked so fabulous! This metallic, rose gold case with yellow gold accents holds seven of your favorite oils. The only hard part? Choosing just seven oils!

5. YL car decal: Cruise around town in style as you show off your YL love with this 4×4-inch vinyl car decal. But Main Street doesn’t have to be this decal’s destination. It goes on any smooth, glass-like surface, so you can add this YL flair to your water bottle, laptop, or even your front door sidelight!



6. Yoga clothes: When practicing your vinyasa yoga flow, it doesn’t hurt to have a little flexibility and a little fashion. Our super cute matching sports bra and yoga pant move with you through all your poses, from asanas to warriors.

7. Seedlings® onesie: Your little seedling deserves the best, from baby care products to onesies! Our striped Seedlings onesie is adorable, comfortable, and ideal for all the times—car time, tummy time, and bedtime.

8. Slouchy beanie: A slouchy beanie is not only a stylish winter accessory but also a quick fix for bad hair days. Our scrunch beanie is lightweight yet warm with a soft-to-the-touch, wool-like feel. Its alternative rib-knit pattern and stacked look is sure to turn heads!Seed to Seal beanie

9. Lava drop necklace: If you’re looking for a layered necklace that’s not only chic but also shows your love of our Seed to Seal® quality commitment, look no further than our lava drop necklace. The lava bead, which holds the scent of your favorite essential oil, pairs perfectly with the pendant that features our Seed to Seal logo.



10. Titanium cookware: Whether you’re making spiced Thai mango soup or vegan stuffed acorn squash, our line of titanium pans will have you feeling like a master chef. Our frying pans and saucepan cook evenly without sticking, and the cast aluminum base conducts heat seven times faster than iron or steel!

11. Vitality™ Culinary Kit: Six of our popular Vitality oils? Check. Stainless steel mixing bowl with a silicone lid? Check. Vitality oil cookbook chock full of ideas to use our tasty, flavor-packed oils? Check. Our Vitality Culinary Kit will take your taste buds on a culinary adventure!

12. NingXia Red®: Our members love our Kosher- and Halal-certified NingXia Red, thanks to powerful ingredients that energize and support overall wellness.* This drink is delicious on its own, but have you tried adding it to smoothies, acai bowls, or your favorite freshly squeezed fruit juice?Master Formula

13. Life 9™: When it comes to taking care of your gut, think beyond the six-pack abs. YL’s Life 9 probiotic is a superhero that saves the day—and your gut—by promoting healthy digestion. Plus it provides 17 billion live cultures and a formula to help maintain normal intestinal function and support a healthy immune system.*

14. Master Formula™: Speaking of superheroes, Master Formula was created by combining three stand-alone products for a multinutrient supplement that supports general health and well-being. One of its superpowers is neutralizing free radicals in the body.* How cool is that?


 Bedside table

Relaxation massage oil 15. SleepEssence™: Bring on the zzz’s! If your favorite lullaby isn’t soothing you to sleep, our SleepEssence might do the trick! This supplement contains four powerful essential oils with unique nighttime properties combined with the hormone melatonin to help relieve occasional sleeplessness.*

16. Relaxation™ Massage Oil: Whether you’re a giver or a receiver when it comes to massages, our massage oil is a must! It comes pre-scented with the soothing aromas of Lavender, Tangerine, Coriander, and Spearmint for the ultimate in relaxation.

17. Coconut-Lime Replenishing Body Butter: It’s no secret this body butter has a scrumptious scent, but did you know our Coconut Lime Replenishing Body Butter was specifically formulated to moisturize problem areas like hands and heels? For super soft feet, slather on this deliciously thick body butter, pull on a pair of socks, and get a good night’s rest!

18. Seedlings® Linen Spray: Our Seedlings line may have been designed with babies in mind, but kids—and grownups—of all ages can benefit from the soothing scent. Spray linens in everyone’s room for a calmer, more relaxing bedtime routine.


Bath and beauty

19. ART® Renewal Serum: Thanks to this serum, renewing the most delicate areas of the face is easier than renewing a library book! ART Renewal Serum should be on every bestsellers list thanks to its ability to nourish, hydrate, and help maintain a youthful appearance.

Boswellia Wrinkle Cream20. Boswellia Wrinkle Cream: Boswellia may sound supernatural, but it’s actually quite down to earth—Frankincense, or Boswellia Carterii, is known for its grounding aromatic properties. Did you know that it also promotes the appearance of healthy-looking skin? This wrinkle cream is a moisturizing powerhouse!

21. Savvy Minerals® Poppy Seed Lip Scrub: It cleanses! It conditions! It moisturizes! Prep your pout for your favorite lip gloss or lipstick with this gentle, plant-based exfoliant featuring cocoa butter, mango butter, avocado butter, and shea butter. Four fabulous butters make for one flawless finish!

22. Mirah® Lustrous Hair Oil: Multitasking is an art, and our Mirah Lustrous Hair Oil is a master. This oil-infused treatment not only hydrates and helps restore the healthy appearance of damaged hair but also minimizes frizz, flyaways, and tangles no matter your hair type.

23. Shower steamers: Start your day with an experience that feels like you just stepped into your favorite spa. Our Citrus Fresh and Easy Breeze Shower Steamers create a spa-like atmosphere with their effervescent scents that energize and refresh with clean, bright aromas.


Hinoki essential oil

Essential oils

24. Hinoki essential oil: While yoga is a great way to get your Zen on, you don’t always have room for those warrior poses. The woodsy scent of Hinoki oil is perfect when refreshing your soul or increasing your spiritual awareness without your yoga mat.

25. Hong Kuai essential oil: You don’t have to travel to our Taiwan Cooperative Farm and Distillery to experience the uplifting scent of Hong Kuai. Enjoy the grounding aroma of this oil that inspires clarity, intuition, and action from the comfort of your own home.

26. Helichrysum essential oil: Many of you already love this oil, but did you know that this delicate oil is also great for cleansing the skin? Add Helichrysum to your favorite skin care products to reduce the appearance and texture of uneven skin tone and promote a youthful, glowing complexion.

27. Tsuga essential oil: You might be aware of Tsuga’s skin-cleansing properties, but the forest-fresh aroma of this essential oil is also spiritually uplifting. Use it with other wood essential oils to create a Relaxing Spirit massage oil blend!

28. Manuka essential oil: Don’t let Manuka’s gentle fragrance fool you. This essential oil is far from mild when it comes to its ability to support the appearance of healthy-looking skin and reduce the appearance of blemishes.

Xiang Mao essential oil

29. Cistus essential oil: A rose by another name might smell as sweet, but it wouldn’t produce the honey-like fragrance of our Cistus oil! Believed to be the biblical rose of Sharon, this aromatic oil can be diffused for a more soothing and uplifting environment.

30. Ledum essential oil: Fans of our popular Juva Cleanse® may not know that Ledum oil, an ingredient in this essential oil blend, was traditionally used by natives in North America for its powerful properties. Diffuse this woodsy aroma to add a fresh, calming ambiance during moments of meditation.

31. Xiang Mao essential oil: If you’re seeking enlightenment but an ashram retreat is out of the budget, try Xiang Mao oil. Inhale this fresh aroma when working to enlighten the mind or apply topically to enjoy its moisturizing benefits.

Speaking of superhero products, don’t miss our 11 most popular essential oils boasting all kinds of superpowers! From there, grab your cape and fly over to this list of must-haves. Believe it or not, you can buy everything on the list for $125!

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