6 reasons Goldenrod is as good as gold

6 reasons Goldenrod is as good as gold

A bag of gold bullion or a bottle of Goldenrod? You’d think the decision would be an easy one, but fans of the oil would disagree. The benefits of Goldenrod essential oil are as numerous as they are priceless, which makes it hands-down one of our most popular oils.

Where does Goldenrod essential oil come from?

The goldenrod plant is a tiny flowering herb with bright yellow tops that grows well in open areas like prairies, savannas, and mountains. Its scientific name, Solidago, comes from the Latin word solidare, “to strengthen.”

Sometimes those Latin names are spot on.

While the plant is most often found in North America, a few species have been seen hangin’ out in Europe. Did you know that we grow goldenrod in Mona, Utah, at the Young Living Lavender Farm and Distillery? Goldenrod is also an ingredient in Common Sense™ essential oil blend and PowerGize™.

Why is Goldenrod essential oil so popular?

Like a good pickup line, Goldenrod can be hard to find-but the wait is totally worth it. Men and women alike love Goldenrod for its grassy, bittersweet aroma and long list of benefits, from elevating your skin care routine to amping up a romantic vibe.

Goldenrod essential oil

What does Goldenrod essential oil smell like?

Goldenrod is produced from the steam-distilled flowers, leaves, and stems of the plant, giving it a sweet, anise-like scent. Think of it as an earthy version of black licorice.

What is Goldenrod essential oil used for?

Ready to make your first move with Goldenrod, but unsure how to use it? Here’s a solid list of ideas.

1. Brighten your outlook. Add some positivity to your day with the scent of Goldenrod essential oil. Diffuse with sunny citrus oils like Orange or Tangerine to sweeten extra-special moments.

2. Deepen your massage. Add 2 drops to a palmful of V-6™ and soak in the relaxing scent as you massage your shoulders and neck. Reconnect with your partner by giving each other a massage for a romantic night in.

3. Make bedtime the best time. Before hitting the sack, rub a few drops into the bottoms of your feet or back of your neck. Enjoy its earthy aroma as you drift off to dreamland.

4. Go for the bold. Use Goldenrod to create a DIY cologne with a pleasant, masculine scent. Goldenrod is a middle note, which means its smell is the heart of the cologne and will last longest. Try combining it with Black Pepper, Cedarwood, Sacred Sandalwood™, or Vetiver.

YL tip: Goldenrod’s earthy scent makes it a popular essential oil for men. Infuse men’s cologne or skin care products with Goldenrod essential oil or put a drop on the base of the neck for a calming personal fragrance.

5. Make a great first impression. Nervous about meeting someone new? Rub a few drops of Goldenrod onto your wrists and let the relaxing aroma help calm those first-date jitters. Who knows? With a little help from Goldenrod, you might totally score a second date!

6. Drench your skin in hydration. Swipe right on healthy-looking skin! Add a drop to your daily face wash or moisturizer for smoother, irresistibly touchable skin.

7. Cuddle up with your true love. Create a cozy night in with the unifying blend of Goldenrod and the rich florals of Ylang Ylang and Jasmine. Planning a romantic getaway? Combine your natural charm with a romantic diffuser blend for a truly memorable weekend.

Love birds diffuser blend, goldenrod, jasmine and ylang ylang

Some oils are true soulmates. Like Goldenrod, Jasmine has a crush-worthy list of benefits. When the two get together, it’s pure magic! When you’re ready to try something new, reach for one of these seven essential oils for men.

Which of these uses for Goldenrod will you try first?

Tell us in the comments!

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