7 easy oil-infused Mother’s Day gift ideas

Oil-infused mother's day gifts

Mom has always been there for you, and while you may not have appreciated her attention when she loudly cheered from the sidelines of your game—airhorn included—or took hundreds of pictures before prom, you don’t know what you’d do without her. Maybe the mom in your life was a cool aunt, a grandma who was always there for you, your best friend’s mom who took you under her wing, or a coworker who showed you the ropes at your first job. Whoever your mom is, she deserves to be celebrated at least once a year.

Moms give every day to their families, so give the mothers and mother figures in your life a day that’s just their own with these seven gift ideas! From the simple to the indulgent, there’s something for any situation and any mom. These gifts don’t just offer something for your mom; they give you the opportunity to bond by showing her how much you appreciate her after all this time.

Mom with essential oils

1. Bath and shower gels

Any mom welcomes a quiet moment to hit the reset button and refresh—even if her only chance to get away is in the shower. Our bath and shower gels make showers extra special with refreshing aromas such as Lavender and Morning Start™.  You can also create a custom scent with our Bath and Shower Gel Base. For extra silky skin, use a gentle exfoliating glove. You can also create an extra luxurious bundle that includes bathtime spa items like an exfoliating glove, pumice stones, or bath bombs or bubble baths like the ones found in these fun DIYs.

Spa day with essential oils

2. DIY pampering kit

Have a mom who rarely breaks away for some much-needed time to herself? Bring the self-care night to her! A DIY spa kit is a creative way to treat Mom to the pampering she deserves.

Fill a basket, big or small, with the special spa items you know your mom would love. Our Coconut Lime Replenishing Body Butter and Lavender Calming Bath Bombs make great additions to a beauty basket. You can also add something more personal and customized to your mom’s specific needs with a DIY gift like one of these!

Children keep you on your toes, so it makes sense that motherhood comes with tired feet. A simple silky foot soak gives achy feet the attention and care they’ve been asking for. With Epsom salt and a dash of AlkaLime™, this mixture combines with warm water to create a velvety soak that softens and pampers skin. Choose from our staycation Beach Vibes, springtime Fresh Floral, and high-energy Sweet Summer scent blends or create your own that you know Mom will love.

Check out our self-care posts, including DIY CBD-infused lotion bars and CBD Oil Base: 5 DIY blends you need right now, for more ideas! And remember to personalize your kit with a favorite treat, magazine, or beauty tool to make it the perfect gift for Mom.

3. Breakfast in bed

Remember all the times Mom prepped breakfast before your early morning game or whipped up a brunch buffet for your birthday sleepover? There’s no way to repay her for years of tasty meals made with love, but a surprise breakfast in bed can’t hurt.

Plan a meal that includes goodies Mom would want on her special day, whether it’s light and healthy or rich and indulgent. Try not to burn anything—though you know she’ll forgive you if you do—and don’t forget a few fresh flowers on the tray!

Need a little inspiration? Check out our healthy breakfast recipes that include wolfberry energy bars, sweet potato “toast,” chocolate chia pudding, or raspberry-lime yogurt to start planning your Mom’s Day menu.

4. Lip balm and Poppyseed Lip Scrub care kit

For lips that kiss scrapes and kiss goodnight, Mom needs a balm that keeps her lips soft. Give her a petroleum-free lip balm in one of our three popular fresh flavors—Grapefruit, Lavender, and Cinnamint™—or treat her to all three! Our Savvy Minerals® Poppyseed Lip Scrub offers extra pampering when lips have already faced some weathering. Made with premium essential oils and rich butters, it leave lips conditioned, soft, and moisturized with every use.

Mom with kids looking happy

5. DIY bath salts

The easiest way to create an at-home spa experience? Bath salts! Use our simple bath salts recipe to make her feel like a queen. Follow our blend with Citrus CBD Oil for a splash of peppy, pick-you-up scent or Lavender for dreamy, restful vibes, so you can help Mom lie back, breathe deep, and soak in the moment.

6. Home diffuser with essential oils

A new diffuser is always a treat, even if you already have one! The an easy, luxe way to bring the power of essential oils into Mom’s space. We love using it in living rooms and bedrooms, but she can also enjoy it at work, in a home office, or in her craft room. Make the gift extra special with homemade blends personalized to include her favorite scents or gift her some of our Young Living signature blends.

No matter what your mom figure has going on, there’s an essential oil for that. Know a stressed-out soccer mom running to practice, games, and the sporting goods store? Share Stress Away™! Have a business mogul mom putting in long hours at the office? Gift her AromaEase™ to create a calming and soothing environment. Need a gift for the social butterfly who goes out more often than you ever could? Give Joy™ to create the positive and energetic scent of joy! Is your home’s energy influenced by a yogini who’s willing to bend over backward for your family? The aroma of Harmony™ can help her maintain her Zen—and her lotus position.


7. DIY personalized perfume

Give the gift of a custom signature scent that will have Mom feeling luxurious and smelling amazing. Try out one, or more, of our Patchouli essential oil perfume recipes to give Mom a signature scent that channels vibes that are cool and collected, radiant and beautiful.

Whatever you decide to do to celebrate the mom in your life, the most important thing is that she knows how much you love her and that you recognize everything she’s done for you. Whether it’s a grand gesture or a handcrafted DIY gift, when it comes to moms, it’s all about the love.

Want more ideas? Check out our 5 DIY skin care recipes for your skin type and 6 tips to take your meditation to the next level blog posts. They’re both full of DIYs and oils that will upgrade Mom’s daily routine from start to finish.

How will you celebrate mothers this year? Share your ideas in the comments!

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