8 essential oils you’ve never heard of (until now!)

Elemi, Cool Azul, Goldenrod and Cistus essential oil on a concrete background

So many oils, so little time! With hundreds of essential oils and essential oil blends, it’s tough to use them all. However, it is possible, especially with the essential oil pros out in the world. If you’re ready to branch out past your trusted go-tos and find new favorites, this one’s for you.

Get ready to discover a whole new world of botanical scents and solutions!

1. Dorado Azul essential oil

You’ve heard the phrase that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and in the case of Dorado Azul, that couldn’t be truer. Native to Ecuador, the Dorado Azul plant was considered to be a useless weed- that is, until Young Living Founder D. Gary Young came across it and discovered there was more to it than met the eye. After distillation, the oil has a beautiful red color and a host of hidden benefits. To this day, this unique essential oil is only available at Young Living.

How it smells: brisk, earthy, and herbaceous
Where you know it: Deep Relief™ Roll-On and Animal Scents® Infect Away™
Plays well with: Juniper, Cedarwood, and Lime

If you like Cool Azul® and Peppermint, you’ll like Dorado Azul.
Chilly and refreshing, Dorado Azul offers a similar wake-you-up aroma to Peppermint but with a little more depth and character. It’s also the perfect addition to massage oils-hence it’s inclusion in the Cool Azul line of products.

Dorado Azul essential oil

2. Hinoki essential oil

Another lesser-known essential oil, Hinoki is produced from the carefully handpicked leaves of Japanese cypress trees. We love this EO for its clean scent and calming properties. Diffuse it during your yoga practice to invite a sense of peace and spiritual awareness. Or use the soothing scent to refresh your mind while you work or study.

How it smells: light and woodsy with a zing of lemon
Where you know it: Shutran® essential oil blend and KidScents® Owie™
Plays well with: Sacred Frankincense™, Lemon and Peace & Calming®

If you like Cypress or Pine, you will like Hinoki.
Hinoki has the familiar woodsy smell of an evergreen tree but with an unexpected burst of citrusy sweetness. Let the calming, peaceful aroma take you on a stroll through a secluded forest where majestic Japanese cypress trees stand tall.

Hinoki essential oil

3. Cistus essential oil

A must-have for your diffuser, Cistus boasts a soothing, uplifting aroma that has been used in incense and perfumes around the world for centuries. Another fun fact? This luxurious oil comes from the magenta-purple flowered rockrose bush, which some scholars believe to be the biblical rose of Sharon.

How it smells: sweet and honey-like with floral notes
Where you know it: Peace and Calming II™ and Immupower™
Plays well with: Lemon Myrtle, Sage, and Tangerine

If you like Bergamot, Copaiba, or German Chamomile, you will like Cistus.
Like the essential oils listed above, Cistus has a gentle aroma with a hint of sweetness. Diffuse it as part of your destressing routine or add to a bath tea or linen spray for a delightful floral fragrance.

5 ml bottle of citus essential oil

4. Elemi essential oil

Elemi comes from our Happy Pili Tree Farm in the Phillipines. While this essential oil isn’t as well known as skin care superstars Tea Tree and Lavender, it’s just as beneficial for boosting your complexion. Wondering what else Elemi can do? Learn this oil’s secrets and discover why it deserves a spot in your collection.

How it smells: Cheerful green-citrus with a touch of balsamic spice
Where you know it: Cool Azul® and Spring Garden diffuser blend
Plays well with: Clove and Orange

If you like Frankincense or Myrrh, you’ll like Elemi.
All three oils come from resins and have similar balsamic scents, but Elemi’s aroma is tangier with peppery undertones. If you like to diffuse Frankincense or Myrrh during meditation, diversify your ohm session with Elemi!

Elemi essential oil

5. Goldenrod essential oil

Produced from an herb with tiny, bright-yellow flowers, Goldenrod is as good for your beauty routine as it is for bedtime relaxation. Try adding it to your skin care products or rubbing it onto your feet before sleep. For more ways to make the most of each drop, check out six reasons Goldenrod is as good as gold.

How it smells: grassy, floral, and licorice-like
Where you know it: PowerGize™ and Common Sense™
Plays well with: Clary Sage, Thieves®, and Idaho Grand Fir

If you like Carrot Seed, Copaiba, or Cedarwood, you’ll like Goldenrod.
These oils have a similar earthy aroma, but Goldenrod stands out as a top pick for a relaxing massage. Enjoy its calming aroma as you settle in for the night.

Goldenrod essential oil

6. Mastrante essential oil

You might not know it net, but Mastrante is your armotherapy bestie. Its pleasant and calming fragrance brings relaxation to any room. You’ll also love this oil for its skin care superpowers. Whether you want to set a grounding, down-to-earth vibe or go for radiant glow, Mastrante is the friend you can’t do without.

How it smells: sweet, earthy, and almost fruity (like a good tea)
Where you know it: Light the Fire™ essential oil blend and this list of beauty products you totally deserve.
Plays well with: Ginger, Orange and Cypress

If you like Grapefruit, Angelica, and Melissa, you’ll like Mastrante.
What do these oils have in common? Each boasts an irresistible, sweet scent, but Mastrante’s unique aroma is in a class of its own. You’ll never smell anything quite like it.

Mastrante essential oil

7. Raven™ essential oil blend

Of all of Young Living’s blends, few are as refreshing as Raven. This blend combines the chill of Peppermint and Wintergreen with the crispness of Eucalyptus Radiata and the zing of Lemon. Once you start diffusing it, you’ll transform even the stuffiest of spaces into a breezy retreat. Why not pair it with some familiar favorites in this post’s cozy diffuser blend?

How it smells: bold, bright, and minty
Where you know it: Golden Touch 1™ essential oil collection and 2019 Premium Starter Kit
Plays well with: Myrrh, Thieves®, and Geranium

If you like R.C.™, Eucalyptus Globulus, or Eucalyptus Radiata, you’ll like Raven.
Much like these popular picks, Raven’s aroma is invigorating and awakening. When you get a whiff of this blend, it feels like you’re breathing in the freshest air.

Raven essential oil

8. Xiang Mao essential oil

Traditionally used as an air freshener, Xiang Mao is the sworn enemy of musty attics and salmon-scented kitchens. But banishing bad smells isn’t the only thing this oil is good for. When you feel toxic thoughts creeping in, quiet the mental chatter with Xiang Mao’s uplifting and enlightening scent.

How it smells: sweet, earthy, and grassy with a hint of citrus
Where you know it: The ABCs of essential oils-it’s the only product that starts with X.
Plays well with: Citrus Fresh™, Marjoram, and Nutmeg

If you like Lemongrass, Cintronella, and Purification®, you’ll like Xiang Mao.
Xiang Mao is what you get when you combine the green-citrus scents of Lemongrass and Citronella with the odor-fighting powers of Purificaiton. Try it in a stench-quenching DIY like shoe spray or bathroom spray.

Xiang Mao essential oil

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