Balance your body with the Raindrop Technique method

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A new method, developed by D. Gary Young

Sometimes we just need to chill, you know? We can’t think of a better way to kick off some downtime than with calming bodywork. The Raindrop Technique™ method is a wellness-focused way to elevate your everyday wind down. This method was developed by D. Gary Young in 1989 to create a deeply relaxing and rejuvenating essential oil experience paired with bodywork techniques for a full-body experience designed to be soothing, rejuvenating, and harmonizing for the recipient and practitioner.

This unique technique has the practitioner start at the feet and move up the spine using a roll-and-release method, targeting several key reflex areas along the way.

Raindrop Technique method essential oils and blends

The Raindrop Technique method utilizes seven essential oils and two essential oil blends. These oils are applied in a specific order to create a harmonizing experience. Check out what’s included:

We made it easy to gather all the products you need with our Raindrop Technique Collection. Simply order the collection and have all the essential oils you need on hand and ready to roll, including V-6™ Vegetable Complex and Ortho Ease™ Massage Oil.

Raindrop kit

While a massage from a licensed practitioner is always ideal, the Raindrop Technique method’s simple massage techniques from a loved one can also be beneficial. Gary wanted to empower everyone in their wellness journey, so an at-home experience fits perfectly with that vision. He worked to share his knowledge about the Raindrop Technique method so others could share its rejuvenating properties with those they love most. Check out the best way to give this massage here.

Raindrop Technique

Frequently asked questions

Got questions? Read some answers from our Raindrop Technique expert Tamara Packer:

How can I prepare for a Raindrop Technique experience?

Both practitioner and recipient should drink plenty of water. Applying White Angelica™ essential oil blend to your wrists and heart can also set the tone for both those giving and receiving the massage.

What should I expect after a Raindrop Technique massage?

Everyone will experience a Raindrop Technique massage differently. For some people, it might be relaxing and calming. For others, it might be more energizing. How you experience it will be unique to you; but regardless of whether your experience leaves you feeling relaxed or energized, be sure to stay hydrated!

What about small children?

You can perform the Raindrop Technique method on teens, kids, and small children. Use one drop of oil and remember: Dilute, dilute, dilute your essential oils, especially when working on children. Check out how to use oils for littles here.

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What’s your favorite oil or blend in the Raindrop Technique method?

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