Blends for bibliophiles: 10 diffuser blends for book lovers

Thieves, pine, manuka, and grapefruit essential oils smell like books when diffused

If only every moment of every day could be left to reading! Alas, the to-dos of the day get in the way. Since you can’t spend forever sticking your nose in a book, put it in front of your diffuser! For every classic tale you love, there’s a blend of heart-stopping, adventure-inducing essential oils to match. Get lost in some favorites below!

Pride and Prejudice diffuser blend 

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a man or woman in possession of many oils, must be in want of a diffuser blend. So set aside your pride, get rid of your prejudice, and choose incandescent joy! To become the happiest creature in the world, match up these oils: amorous Ylang Ylang, complicated Clove, and opulent Sacred Sandalwood™.

3 drops Ylang Ylang 3 drops Clove 2 drops Sacred Sandalwood

Little Women diffuser blend

Whether you wander into a grand library to run your fingers over the spines of books like Jo or to gaze upon oil paintings like Amy, the aroma of ancient adventures hidden in novels and pictures is something you’re fond of. Soak in the scents of old books and historic homes with spicy Manuka and Thieves®, childlike Grapefruit, and rich Pine.

3 drops Manuka 2 drops Pine 2 drops Grapefruit 2 drops Thieves

Midsummer Night’s Dream diffuser blend

Grab your lover, a master of revels, and some fairies—we’re treating life like a never-ending festival! Snatch from your shelves homey Rosemary, spritely Grapefruit, and sharp Spearmint for a blend that smells just as good as a love potion. In the future, when you catch a trace of this combination of oils, you’ll remember all your merrymaking as if it were a dream.

4 drops Rosemary 3 drops Grapefruit 1 drop Spearmint

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow diffuser blend

Don’t spend your nights chasing down specters and phantoms. Rather, find your retreat among babbling brooks, mysterious woods, and quaint villages—or the idea of them at least. With three dashes of Lavender, three drops of Bergamot, and three bits of Valerian, you’ll find that the calming power of these dreamy oils is no legend.

3 drops Lavender 3 drops Bergamot 3 drops Valerian

Great Expectations diffuser blend 

Ladies and gentlemen, good fortune awaits you! Leave all your cold marshes and dusty memories behind. Head to the life of high society and splendor with rich aromas of Cedarwood and Vetiver with youthful Orange and mischievous Cinnamon Bark for a scent that’s as lively as a London party.

4 drops Cedarwood 3 drops Orange 2 drops Cinnamon Bark 1 drop Vetiver

Call of the Wild diffuser blend 

Start the fire, switch on your diffuser, open your book—we’re going on a snowy journey with this one! Whether you prefer good doggos, good books, or both, this fantastical tale will leave you breathless. Imagine yourself in the brisk lands of Canada with snowy Northern Lights Black Spruce and Pine, crisp Peppermint, and the sitting-by-the-fire complement of Cinnamon Bark.

3 drops cypress 3 drops Northern Lights Black Spruce 1 drop Peppermint 1 drop Cinnamon Bark

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland diffuser blend

Believe in impossible things and follow the white rabbit! However, if falling topsy-turvy down, down, down the rabbit hole isn’t your choice of escapade—not to mention riddling out life’s problems with the caterpillar, battling it out with the Queen of Hearts, and avoiding all cakes and drinks—then stay safe at home and diffuse spicy Cardamom, intoxicating Patchouli, and whimsical Tangerine.

4 drops Cardamom 3 drops Patchouli 3 drops Tangerine

The Odyssey diffuser blend 

You may not be battling the likes of Poseidon and Zeus, but you’ve got your own storm-tossed seas to cross. When you feel like you’re locked in earth-shattering peril, be sure to rely on your wits and wisdom. With the balsamic aroma of Copaiba, cool Kunzea, and sun-soaked Lemon, your heart will take courage and you’ll win the war in the end!

4 drops Copaiba 3 drops Kunzea 2 drops Lemon

One Thousand and One Nights diffuser blend 

Our love for these time-tested tales is as numerous as the sands of the sea. Run around the spice market with Coriander and Fennel, wander through fair gardens with Jasmine, and sit down to hear a myth or two with Palo Santo. Combine all four oils, and you’ve got an exquisite, spicy, floral perfume that will make all your wishes come true.

3 drops Cardamom 2 drops Jasmine 2 drops Palo Santo 1 drop Fennel

The Secret Garden diffuser blend 

Open the door to your greatest happiness! Combine the heady aroma of Geranium with the lemon-tree scented Palmarosa and two drops of both Tangerine and Eucalyptus Globulus for an at-home secret garden of your own. You’ll soon find that even if you can’t spend all day surrounded by dew-drenched flora and fauna, your outlook on life can be just as bright.

2 drops Geranium 2 drops Palmarosa 2 drops Tangerine 2 drops Eucalyptus Globulus

Love getting lost in the past with diffuser blends? Explore the decades and jump into fairytales with essential oils!

What book are you cracking open next, and which diffuser blend will you pair it with?

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