Brighten your day with Jade Lemon essential oil

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No matter what time of the year it is, there’s something sunshiny about Jade Lemon™ that will have you reaching for its citrus scent. This unique oil is pressed from the rinds of the Citrus limon eureka var. formosensis, a stunning plant from China. Jade Lemon’s softly crisp aroma is a sweeter version of Lemon’s tartness that will remind you of roller skating under a robin-egg-blue sky. Add this bright scent to your routine with some of these uses!


Create an inviting aroma in any room by diffusing this citrus oil. Combine this gorgeous scent with some upbeat jams and a quick tidy up and you’ll be able to turn any space into a little slice of lemon heaven.

YL tip: Use it in your car vent to keep your vehicle fresh for road trips.

Jade Lemon Essential oil on a wooden cutting board


Sticky messes cramping your style? Add a few drops of Jade Lemon and distilled water to a spray bottle for a DIY cleaner you can use to tackle stickiness, grease, or gum in your home.


Add a bright spot to your day with some self-care! Combine sea salt with a few drops of V-6™ Vegetable Oil Complex, Ylang Ylang, Peppermint, Jade Lemon, and Lavender to exfoliate your skin. Don’t have the time? Simply add a few drops of Jade Lemon to your favorite Young Living skin care product for a unique aroma.


Say goodbye to mysterious smells by placing a cotton ball with a few drops of Jade Lemon inside shoes, garbage cans, and other stinky suspects. You can also add a burst of brightness to your bedtime routine by adding a drop of Jade Lemon to a tissue and tucking it into your pillowcase for a citrus aroma.


Your dishwasher does so much for you, so treat it with this sunshiny oil. Add a few drops of Jade Lemon to your dishwashing detergent to leave your machine smelling fresh and clean.


Looking for something to make your next dish special? Try Jade Lemon Vitality™! This oil is formulated for internal use, so keep it in the kitchen. Add it to a glass of water for a lemon-lime flavor, use it to replace lemon juice in recipes, or add a few drops to vanilla yogurt for a sweet fruit flavor.

YL tip: Elevate your classic lemon bars with Jade Lemon!

Jade Lemon essential oil
Jade Lemon Vitality Essential oil

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