Building Relationships

GARY: I’d like to share about business building today. Mary, do you see yourself building a business today the way you did 20 years ago?

mary picMARY: I would build much the same because I’m not a Facebook person, an Internet person, nor a social media person. I’m a one-on-one person. I like to be close to the people I bring into the business, and I feel that I have a responsibility to make sure that they become successful if that is their desire. I stay with them and help them and teach them until they are able to start teaching their people. It creates a foundation that is so strong, so solid, that people don’t leave. They don’t go looking elsewhere.

GARY: And part of that is just like being here the last three days. It’s about building relationships. I’d like to see a show of hands of how many of you have started a new relationship here at convention this year.

MARY: Wow! That’s fantastic!

GARY: Darn dust in the air. I keep getting a lump in my throat, but it’s precious to me because that’s what Young Living’s about: building relationships and bringing our Creator into those relationships. It’s so bonding.

But as we look at today, all of you have your own talents and personalities and build in little different ways.