Correct Leadership Example

GARY: One more thing: set the correct leadership example. I’ve been in this industry for nearly 35 years, and I’ve watched the trends come and go. I’ve watched hundreds of companies come and go. I’ve watched companies start up and just boom for four, five, or six years and then collapse and go bankrupt; and then two weeks later, they’re across the street with a different name, a different shingle, in a rented building.

This is why when I started, you didn’t see a fancy building, you didn’t see a fancy sign. You certainly didn’t see fancy labels and fancy materials, because I didn’t build that way. I started below the frost level. I cleared the ground, I started planting plants, because I knew the future that would sustain Young Living forever would be the farms.

Gary on the Young Living farm in Croatia.

Gary on the Young Living farm in Croatia.

What we have today is something that no one else will ever be able to match. We have our farms, our distilleries, and our analytical laboratories. We know what we have, and it doesn’t matter what some people say other essential oil companies have. You must know—Young Living does not have any competitors. There are no competitors. What’s out there are companies that want to jump on the bandwagon—but they are not competitors. Competition is like two football teams playing on the same field. That’s competition.

Anyone who would compete with Young Living, would have to have farms, but then they would first have to have 30 years of experience. They would have to have laboratories and analytical chemists. They would have to know how to formulate and create new products. They would have to be able to write about research, scientific findings, and anything relating to the activities of Young Living. They would have to have a background and experience in natural medicine. There is nobody who can compete with Young Living in any of those areas.

Another way they can’t compete is that they don’t have YOU. We do! We’re family, and we are the best in the world!