Don’t Let Friends Discourage You

If somebody tells you that you can’t live your dream—you know, that’s why I have these boots. You just give them a raise, dust them off, and find another friend, because you can have whatever you dream.

Gary now travels in this sleek airplane with pilot Mark Harris.

I dreamed about having a plane, and my pilot and his beautiful wife are sitting right here in the front row. Well, this is not my first plane, but it is my best and fastest plane. It’s wonderful. Now I can go and do the things I need to do in a more efficient way. But sometimes you have to practice a little bit; I had three plane crashes before I finally got it right. So it’s all okay.

Gary’s field of einkorn growing at the Mona, Utah, farm.

I dreamed about growing einkorn from the time I found it in Hunzaland in 1995. This picture was taken on the farm in Utah last year, and tomorrow you will see it but not walk through the field, because every little einkorn stem you bend over is $6,000; so you walk along the road and protect it.

Right now we estimate that this fall, we will have between 40,000 and 60,000 pounds of einkorn flour coming from our farm in France.