Ep13: 1 Year, 16 Lessons: The Best of 2016

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If you’re looking for a great start to your new year, look no further. In this best-of episode, we took our favorite moments from 2016. We know you’ll love this edition because we packed a lot of inspiration into one episode.

In the comments below, share what you learned from this episode and what you want to hear this year! Oh—and If you loved what you heard , don’t forget to share it with your family and friends.

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  • Lesson 1 came from Ep1: The Young Living Difference. In our very first episode we sat down with Chief Operating Officer Jared Turner and we talked about what makes Young Living so special.
  • Lesson 2 came from Ep8: Work Like a Diamond. Royal Crown Diamonds Lindsey Teague Moreno and Joanne Can gave their advice to folks who might be a little timid or reserved when sharing Young Living
  • Lesson 3 came from Ep5: Children & Essential Oils. When talking about Children & E.O.s, Dr. Lindsey Elmore and RCD Debra Rayburn shared their biggest takeaways from our conversations
  • Lesson 4 came from Ep7: Connect Your Passions with YL! Young Living members Samantha Wright & Tracy Griffiths have connected their passions with Young Living and shared a message to their younger, just starting-self.
  • Lesson 5 came from Ep2: A Modern-Day Innovator! A a powerful statement that Mary Young shared when we were talking about her new book: D. Gary Young, the World Leader in Essential Oils.
  • Lesson 6 came from Ep12: Why Science Matters. When it comes to science savvy, Mike Buch has it. As the Chief Science Officer, he gave some pointers when it comes to research.
  • Lesson 7 came from Ep4: Leading with Style. Melissa Poepping, a crown diamond, gave us a run-down of 7 areas of leadership that can make a world of difference. Here’s what she says about finding your why.
  • Lesson 8 came from Ep11: Spirit of the Foundation. There are a lot of easy ways to get involved with service. During our episode with Sr Director of Global Philanthropy Nikki Davis, shared some places to get started.
  • Lesson 9 came from Ep1: The Young Living Difference! Jared Turner told us about one his first farm trips—an unexpected, but inspiring leadership teaching moment
  • Lesson 10 came from QuickCast: Brand Ambassadors. Our brand ambassadors spent some time telling us their daily mantra’s/motivation and what it means to them.
  • Lesson 11 came from Ep2: A Modern-Day Innovator! We learned an important lesson about sharing stories authentically from Mary Young.
  • Lesson 12 came from Ep10: Essential Oils 101. If you have ever found yourself a little overwhelmed on where to start with essential oils, Haley Zitting, Young Living corporate trainer issued us a challenge that she got from a member.
  • Lesson 13 came from Ep6: Mother and Son! As a young living member for nearly two-decades, Debbi Morrison told us the biggest lessons she’s learned in all of those years.
  • Lesson 14 came from QuickCast: For Food. For Family. For Life. Vice President of Global Marketing Lyndi Smith, got us pumped for the new Vitality™ essential oil line when she shared an elevator pitch with her own personal flavor.
  • Lesson 15 came from Ep4: Leading with Style. Ever struggled to connect with someone about Young Living? Melissa Poepping shared the importance of stories.
  • Lesson 16 came from Ep8: Work Like a Diamond. Lindsey Teague Moreno talked about how to grow your leadership with your growing business.


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