Ep35: Uncompromised Stewardship

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Grab your passport and get ready to travel to Taiwan with us today! On this episode of Drop of Inspiration, we’re taking a journey across the Pacific to talk to Tiger Li, who helps manage the Taiwan Cooperative Farm. You’ll learn just how important the Seed to Seal Sourcing pillar is when making pure essential oils, and we’ll discuss how some of our favorite essential oils and blends such as Jade Lemon™ and Valor® are made with botanicals sourced from Taiwan.

Chief Supply Officer Lauren Walker will also join us to talk about Young Living’s efforts to improve strategic sourcing in order to continuously provide members with the highest quality essential oils possible. She’ll discuss how these partnering efforts within our Sourcing pillar are vital to Young Living’s future success. Some of the efforts include securing third-party audits for testing essential oils, setting quality control benchmarks for distilling and testing essential oils, and thoughtfully considering partner farms’ principles and community relations.


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