Ep36: How to Support Your Digestive Health

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The digestive system is often referred to as our body’s second brain, so it’s no wonder why we should pay special attention to our digestive health! On this episode of Drop of Inspiration, we’re speaking with Dr. Chad Goodman, Young Living Director of Training and Education, about easy-to-follow tips to support healthy digestion. He’ll also discuss prebiotic and probiotic supplements, their purposes and benefits, and other digestive supplements that will help support your digestive system.

Because what we eat has such an impact on our digestive health, we’re also bringing back some highlights from Episode 15 Mindful Eating: Whole-Life Wellness with Ed Dailey, Senior Global Trainer and registered nurse. He explains how the way we eat is often as important as what we’re eating. He offers suggestions on how we can eat better in simple, but meaningful steps.


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