Feel more YOU with these tips & tricks for tackling the Sunday blues

Feel more YOU with these tips & tricks for tackling the Sunday blues - Young Living Lavender Life Blog

Friday freedom feels simply the best. But then Saturday rolls by in a blur of chores and Sunday goes by way too fast, and suddenly you find yourself facing a new week. But keep calm—feelings of stress on Sunday evening can feel less overwhelming by mindfully preparing for the week ahead. Check out these tips to learn how!

Distract your mind

It’s easy to let the looming to-do list that will hit Monday morning obscure the joy of relaxation. Let go of “must-do” and focus on enjoying your weekend. Use some of these activities to help calm your mind, so you can feel more refreshed through the week.

Take a break from technology

Find yourself constantly scrolling or clicking through TV shows? Give your mind an electronic reset! Turn off the TV, set your phone down, and allow yourself the time to enjoy real life.

Use your technology-free time to take a walk, connect with neighbors, or try a new recipe! For easy, yummy ideas, make a slushie using our YL Vitality Drops or create fresh guacamole with Citrus Fresh™ and Lime Vitality™ oils.

Vitality Drops slushies - Young Living Lavender Life Blog

Get outside

Plan a fun outdoor activity that includes the people you love. Play outdoor sports, have a barbecue, or go for a walk around your neighborhood. Embrace the freshness of the outdoors and allow it to bring your mind to a more centered, calm place.

Is the weather too gloomy to get outdoors? Diffuse one of our blends inspired by U.S. national forests to bring your mind to woodsy bliss.

Read a book

Snuggle up with a classic favorite or try reading something brand new. Being fully immersed in a book will distract you from worries and allow you to feel present as you enjoy the story.

As you read, diffuse one of our blends for bibliophiles to get you fully immersed in the literary world.

Pamper yourself

Take a few minutes to slow down with a pampering session. Slip into an essential oil-infused bath with homemade bath salts or bath melts.

Don’t have time for a soak? Simply give your skin a little extra TLC. Wash your face with your favorite Young Living cleanser, like BLOOM™ Brightening Cleanser. Then apply our Charcoal Mask and listen to calming music as it dries. After you wash the mask off, follow up with CBD Beauty Boost and BLOOM Brightening Lotion to support radiant skin.

As you pamper, diffuse one of our spa-inspired diffuser blends for a tranquil atmosphere.

Write in your journal

Keeping a journal is one of the best ways to clear your mind. Feeling stressed? Write down your stresses and worries. Feeling sad? Write it down. Journaling will help you to get many of your negative emotions out. Sometimes, all we really need is to express how we feel in order to find a solution to our concerns.

You can also train your mind to look for the positive by keeping a gratitude journal. Before you go to sleep Sunday night, jot down five things you are grateful for and why. Try to apply this gratitude to your stresses. For example, if you are stressed about cleaning your house before your family comes to town this week, find ways to be grateful for having a safe home or for the chance you have to see family. Being grateful flips your mind into perceiving your stresses as positives instead of fears.

Before you write in your journal, apply 1−3 drops of Gratitude™ essential oil blend behind the ears, over the heart, on your wrists, the back of your neck, and the base of your spine to promote a feeling of peace.

Gratitude Essential Oil Blend - Young Living Essential Oils

Find the source of your anxieties

A lot of the time we feel stressed and anxious without truly understanding why. This causes us to be continually worried over things that are out of our control. Finding the root cause of your stress can help you let go of that fear. Try writing down where you think the fear is coming from. Tracing your emotions back to a root cause can help you understand and reassure yourself that things really will be okay.

Create a calm environment while you focus on finding the source of your anxieties with Brain Power™. Apply 1–3 drops onto your wrists, temples, and the side of your lower jaw. Breathe in the invigorating scents and then layer with Clarity™. Dilute 1 drop of Clarity with 1 drop of V-6™ and apply over the areas where you placed Brain Power.

Brain Power Essential Oil Blend - Young Living Essential Oils

Plan your week

Maybe you feel extra anxious on Sunday because you are overwhelmed with the week ahead. Use a few hours on Sunday to plan out your meals, write down all your appointments, and maybe even plan your outfits, so you’re ready to tackle whatever comes your way.

Create an atmosphere of purpose as you plan with Motivation essential oil blend. Dilute 1 drop of the oil with 1 drop of V-6 and apply to your wrists, temples, and over your heart.

Make changes

No matter what your reason is for feeling down on Sunday nights, maybe it’s time for a change. Maybe that means starting the search for a new job. Maybe your body needs more nutritious food. Maybe you need to take time to focus on your mental health. Whatever it may be, make those changes that will help you feel happier and more fulfilled.

Enhance your self-awareness to help you know what changes you need to make in your life while diffusing Awaken™ essential oil blend.

Awaken Essential Oil Blend - Young Living Essential Oils

Ask for help

If you try the above techniques and still cannot get yourself out of your Sunday rut, get some help. Ask a close friend or someone you trust for advice and get your emotions out. Sometimes just talking to someone and having our emotions validated can be the best way to heal. Just know that you have Young Living on your side cheering you on!

Rise Above Essential Oil Blend - Young Living Essential Oils

Use Rise Above™ essential oil blend as you to transform old thoughts that hold you back. Apply 1–2 drops to your feet and take three deep breaths; apply 1–2 drops to your heart and take three deep breaths; then apply 1–2 drops to your head and take three deep breaths.

YL tip: If you have felt extreme hopelessness, anxiety, and sadness for more than two weeks, it’s important to reach out and get help. Talk to someone you trust or reach out to your general practitioner to help you address your mental health concerns. You deserve to feel like yourself again!

Looking for more inspiration? Check out our morning mantras to kickstart your day or enjoy these ways to unwind with essential oils.

Which of these tips are you going to incorporate into your Sunday routine?

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