Find connection and empower your life with One Heart essential oil blend

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With one trace of One Heart™ essential oil blend’s aroma, you’ll understand the energy surrounding our first-ever Virtual International Grand Convention: Even when apart, we’re unified, strong, and inspired! With oils blended to center you while you find motivation for your future, this unique oil will have a special spot in your heart and on your shelf.

The inspiring story behind One Heart

One Heart essential oil blend was created to celebrate, support, and shine a light on the incredible efforts of The D. Gary Young, Young Living Foundation. As we serve communities a walk, drive, or plane ride away, we’ll find greater unity as Young Living members and stewards of the earth.

Beyond dedicating our time and talents toward unity and worldwide empowerment, we’ll donate 35 percent of each wholesale purchase of One Heart to the Foundation. These donations will help us reach more families and neighborhoods and increase our ability to empower, improve, and change lives of those in need.

Notice the unique label? While crafting this blend, no detail was overlooked. The gorgeous One Heart label was designed by Anita Perlaza, a graduate of the Young Living Academy in rural Ecuador. While dreaming up the One Heart design, Anita was inspired to help people around the world come together to accomplish great things!

Using One Heart essential oil blend

Now that you’re totally convinced that you need One Heart in your oil collection, here are six ways to use this sweet, perfectly blended oil.

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Breathe and balance

Dilute One Heart with 1 drop of V-6™ Vegetable Oil Complex, put it in your palms, rub your hands together, and cup them over your nose. Breathe deeply as you focus on what matters most.

Live and love

Since One Heart works so well to strengthen your connection to yourself and others, it makes sense to want its sweet, sophisticated smell in every part of your life!

  • Add 1 drop to 1 drop of carrier oil and put it on your wrist or sides of your neck for a complex and layered personal scent.
  • Make a linen spray by adding 15–20 drops to 3 ounces water and 1 ounce witch hazel. Combine with Gary’s Light™ essential oil blend for a welcoming, unique-to-your-home aroma.
  • Put in your car diffuser for a scent that centers you while also driving you forward!

Uplift and stretch

Take your practice to a more spiritual, connective level. The next time you roll out your mat, apply One Heart (you guessed it) directly over your heart. While doing sun salutations and mountain pose, find your center and edify your spirit.

Diffuse and delight

This well-rounded blended—which benefits from sweet Ylang Ylang, complex and crisp Valor and Northern Lights Black Spruce, and tangy Lemon and Lime—doesn’t need much help in the diffuser. Up the citrus and spice with a touch of Bergamot and Black Pepper for a blend that gets you excited about all your tomorrows!

4 drops One Heart 3 drops Bergamot 1 drop Black Pepper


Eager to try this year’s convention blend? We’re giving some away! Three lucky winners will get a 5 ml bottle of this 2020 Virtual International Grand Convention essential oil blend.

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