Get the party started with celebration diffuser blends

rosemary and cedarwood essential oils with a festive ribbon make party diffuser blends

A party means phenomenal food, timeless tunes, and—if you’re lucky—dancing ‘til dawn. It also means friendly faces and heart-warming reunions. It’s no wonder everyone’s ears perk up when someone mentions a celebration. Become the hostess with the mostest by adding these merry-making diffuser blends to your partyfolio.

The tea party

Break out the fascinators and fine china; it’s teatime! In honor of the queen (who you sent an invitation to, just in case), infuse your par”tea” with scents from the gardens at Buckingham Palace. Gather drops of Lavender, Geranium, and Cedarwood to create a sweet, floral bouquet. Add a dash of sugar and spice with Orange and Patchouli for a “brewteafully” balanced blend. Pinkies up!

3 drops Cedarwood 2 drops Lavender 2 drops Patchouli 1 drop Orange 1 drop Geranium

The housewarming hostess

Nothing says “home, sweet home” quite like the clean and cozy smells of citrus and cinnamon. Welcome guests to your new place by filling its walls with two Young Living favorites: Citrus Fresh™ and Thieves®. This combination of zest and zing will ensure your visitors feel right at home the moment they walk through the door.

4 drops Thieves 4 drops Citrus Fresh

The birthday bash

You’ll always feel young at heart when your birthday is filled with the scents of bon bons and tangy tarts. Create a citrus-scented space for your celebration by sprinkling Lemongrass, Grapefruit, and Orange into your diffuser. Frost it off with a layer of Stress Away™ for a vanilla twist. If sugary sweet is your thing, this get-up-and-dance diffuser blend takes the cake!

4 drops Stress Away 2 drops Lemongrass 2 drops Grapefruit 2 drops Orange

The backyard barbecue

Whether you’re cooking inside or out, this blend proves it isn’t your first barbecue. Fire up the grill by adding a dash of Rosemary and a pinch of Juniper to your diffuser. Keep things cooking with the sweet scents of Cedarwood and Citrus Fresh. Your guests will be grilling you about what’s in your diffuser by the end of the night!

4 drops Rosemary 3 drops Cedarwood 2 drops Citrus Fresh 2 drops Juniper

The engagement event

Eat, drink, and be “marry” with this wedding flower-worthy floral blend. Love won’t be the only thing in the air when you diffuse the fragrant perfumes of Ylang Ylang and Jasmine blossoms. Show off your new ring as you add in some Bergamot to complete the blend your guests will want as a wedding favor.

3 drops Ylang Ylang 3 drops Jasmine 3 drops Bergamot

The game day get-together

Cheer your team on to victory while surrounded by lively aromas that will have everyone on their feet. Take your squad to their happy base with the warm scents of Vetiver and Copaiba mixed with a touch of Lemon. Slide into home by adding a single drop of fresh Eucalyptus Globulus. This baller blend is perfect for everything from the big fight to the first game of the season.

3 drops Lemon 2 drops Vetiver 2 drops Copaiba 1 drop Eucalyptus Globulus

The holiday house party

The merriest season of them all deserves its own cozy blend, of course!

Create visions of candy canes and cocoa by combining Christmas Spirit™ and Peppermint in your holiday diffuser. Hit the noel on the head by adding Idaho Grand Fir to give the scent of a real Christmas tree.

3 drops Christmas Spirit 3 drops Idaho Grand Fir 3 drops Peppermint

The just-because jamboree

Truth be told, there’s always something to celebrate. Be ready to party on the fly with this easy blend of Joy™ and Lime. Whether you scored a promotion, aced a test, or simply survived a trying day, pop this cheerful blend into your diffuser to make any day worthy of celebration.

4 drops Joy 4 drops Lime

Want to party like it’s 1999? We have a diffuser blend for that, along with all your favorite decades!

What is your favorite diffuser blend when you’re hosting a party?

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