Healthy holidays: How to find emotional resilience during the holiday season

12 Ways to Maintain Holiday Mental Health | Young Living Essential Oils

Between family gatherings, travel, and financial pressures, the holidays can be a stressful time—and these are only some of the hurdles people face this time of year. For some, it can get even more complicated. If you have lost a family member or loved one during this time, it can also trigger feelings of grief, depression, and anxiety.

Feeling emotionally stable and grounded is essential during this time of year. Here are our suggestions for success during the holiday season.

12 ways to support your emotional wellness this holiday season

1. Prioritize your wellness

With all of the extra pressures and changes in schedules, it can be tempting to abandon your wellness routine during the holidays—but staying focused on self-care is key to feeling good. Taking time off from work, exercising, eating well, getting a good night’s rest, and finding time for yourself are great ways to stay grounded.

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2. Maintain a good schedule

You can sometimes overextend yourself with the demands of parties and social gatherings. You don’t have to attend every party, so plan for the important ones and be willing to stay home when your health requires it

3. Participate on your own terms

You can often feel like you must stay for the duration of every event you attend, but this may run counter to what your mind and body need. Do what feels right for you and let the host know how long you can visit ahead of time.

4. Practice mindfulness

Focusing on the present moment is a great way to remain calm. If you find yourself experiencing interpersonal conflict, look for ways to be mindful, grounded, and intentional about how you navigate those feelings. Meditate each day with your favorite Young Living essential oil or blend to stay present and relaxed.

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5. Create a safe space

Make a comfortable area where you feel safe in your bedroom or any room in your home. Diffusing Young Living essential oils is a great way to find a moment of calm. Have conversations with people who are supportive and affirming and understand that you do not have to have conversations about unresolved issues.

6. Get plenty of rest

Sleep is one of the most important parts of your health. If you tend to stay up later during the holidays and not get adequate rest, that lack of sleep can affect everything from your GI system health to your immune system.

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7. Avoid over-celebrating with alcohol; drink in moderation or not at all

There are lots of cliches about holiday parties that go off the rails. Be sure to keep a level head and stay clear of chaos. Alcohol can be relaxing, but it is a central nervous system depressant that can make it difficult to regulate emotions.

8. Practice practical coping skills

Use coping methods that work for you. Exercise, yoga, and meditation are great examples, but choose whatever works best for you to stay focused and calm. Practice daily to stay on top of your emotional wellness through the holiday season.

9. Find some downtime

It’s easy to overextend yourself for events and gatherings. Schedule some downtime each day so you have time to relax and enjoy yourself.

10. Stay on track with your supplements

Taking supplements to support overall health is essential. Traveling and being out of your own environment can be stressful and impact your body. Make sure to stay consistent with supplements so your body gets the key nutrients it needs. Products like NingXia Red® beverage, NingXia Greens™ supplement, Life 9® probiotic, and Master Formula™ multinutrient complex can help.

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11. Get a massage or a Raindrop™ bodywork session

Massage is one of the best ways to unwind, and a Raindrop Technique™ bodywork session is a highly beneficial way to show yourself some extra love and care.

12. Create new traditions

Honoring family traditions is important, but you can also create new ones. Creating a new tradition that is fun and sustainable is a great way to prioritize your mental health and wellness.

The holidays are a wonderful time to connect with family and friends. As you enjoy these times, stay on track with your emotional wellness and continue to use Young Living products to provide support.

Looking for extra support during the holidays, check out these Christmas diffuser blends for all your holiday emotions. If you need more info on the basics of emotional wellness and stability, read more on this blog post for ways to emotionally well all year round.

How do you stay healthy during the holidays?

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