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When it comes to inspiring change, the New Year holiday is a top motivator for those who believe in making each day count and every year better than the last. If you felt freshly inspired as you rang in the new year, hang on to that fire—it’s the key to making lasting changes for a happier, healthier future! Though the new year is a time of inspired change, it is important to note that you can make goal setting a habit any time of year. It is never too late to make the changes in your life that will push you to a more positive future.

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How to set SMART goals:

Not sure where to start when coming up with clear goals? Think about what you want to accomplish or what you want your life to look like in the future. It can be helpful to think about what in your life could be improved and create a goal around developing it. Sit down and give yourself time to ponder and write your goals down during a moment in the day when you can give yourself your full attention and spend the time you need focusing on what it is you would like to achieve. Consider the following guidelines as you plan for your goals:


When brainstorming your goals, be as specific and as detailed as possible. Instead of focusing on a general objective like being healthier overall, narrow your goal down to something more specific. Your goal can focus on eating at least five servings of fruits and vegetables each day, drinking a certain amount of water, or getting a specific amount of sleep. This focus on creating detailed goals will help your goals to be more effective in creating life-changing habits.


How will you track your progress? How do you know your goal has been achieved? Maybe you feel most motivated when you make a checklist of each objective that needs to be met and can physically check them off. Or perhaps a different method works best for you. Figure out how your brain works and which methods work best for tracking your goals.


We’ve all heard the common phrase “shoot for the stars.” While it’s important to dream big, small, attainable steps are what are going to get you there. If you push yourself too hard, you may become overwhelmed and give up on your dreams. Do you have the tools, resources, and knowledge that you need to achieve this goal? If not, what can you do obtain them? Commit to goals that you will be able to reasonably accomplish within a specific timeframe.


Why is this goal important to you? How will achieving it affect your future? It is essential that your goals align well with your future aspirations and your current values. When you aren’t sure what is most important in your life, it is essential that you define your personal values to give yourself a sense of clarity. If a goal doesn’t contribute to your long-term dreams, you may want to rethink ways to adjust it.

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Time bound

What is the timeframe for your goal? Set a realistic end date and stick to it. Frequently check in with yourself during the time leading up to your goal’s end date to increase motivation. If you don’t hit your set time frame, maybe you set unrealistic expectations for yourself. Adjust and keep working toward accomplishing your goal.

As you work on your goal planning, diffuse serene blends to welcome spa-like calm into your environment.

YL tip: If you have a big goal that seems daunting, break it into several smaller SMART goals to keep your motivation and focus.


Do you see yourself learning an instrument or language? Spending more time with your kids? Growing your Young Living business? Getting reacquainted with your artistic side? Chances are you’re not short on ideas for taking big steps forward. But before you start tackling your resolutions, it’s important to discover what is most important to you and what changes will have the biggest impact on your happiness and quality of life. Pause. Meditate. Journal. You might find it helpful to incorporate the essential oil blends below into your goal setting to help define and focus your aims:

  • Hope™: Develop feelings of strength and stability.
  • Transformation™: Empower uplifting thoughts.
  • Surrender™: Address inhibitions limiting your potential.


Setting goals is one of the most crucial elements of creating a happy, full life. Be sure that the resolutions you make are substantial but achievable. The satisfaction you feel after meeting a goal will spur you on to further accomplishment, creating a positive cycle of achievement and fulfillment.

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To keep achieving, review your goals frequently. Share them with those who will be supportive and help you achieve them. Don’t procrastinate, but be kind to yourself about your expectations. Also, be sure to create a plan for your goals. For example, don’t just set out to hit Gold rank by the end of the year; create a target of enrolling a certain number of new members per week, while creating a reliable system for yourself to contact new people and support your newest downline members. Try out these essential oil blends to help you keep your confidence strong and commitment high:


Do not forget to work with others and ask for help as you work on your goals. It may be your goal, but you do not have to meet it alone. Utilize all the resources that you have. Search for a mentor or confide in friends and family to help keep you accountable.

Looking for more help on your self-improvement journey? Try these morning mantras to kick-start your day or our gratitude challenge: 30 ways to invite gratitude into your life.


What are your goals this year? What big steps does 2022 hold for you?

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