How to use Basil essential oil: 5 must-try tips

How to use Young Living Basil Essential oil

Spice up your life with these Basil essential oil uses and benefits! Basil’s fresh, herby scent might remind you of your favorite Italian recipe, but this one-of-a-kind oil is more than a perfect pal for a pasta dish.

Check out these creative ways to blend some Basil into your day!

Glow on

Want to know how to use Basil essential oil outside the kitchen? Elevate your daily beauty with Basil’s refreshing aroma! Create a dreamy hair-care routine by adding a bit of Basil to your shampoo for extra shine and an herbaceous scent. Boost your skin by adding a few drops of Basil and Orange oil into your skin care products to sneak even more essential oils into your day.

Amp up the aromatherapy

If you’re wondering what Basil essential oil is good for, add it into your aromatherapy toolkit! You can diffuse Basil’s refreshing scent after a long day or add it to a warm, soothing bath. If you’re feeling creative, try using Basil in one of these aromatherapy adventures!

Young Living Basil essential oil

Party on

Pump the music, grab the snacks, and get ready for an unforgettable party! Create a unique centerpiece by building a DIY floating candle bowl for your outside gatherings. Fill your favorite punch bowl with water, add 10 drops of Basil, and set floating candles on top. You’ll have a fragrant conversation piece ready to glow!

YL tip: Add a few drops of citronella to your mixture to keep the bugs away from your party.

Massage those muscles

After a workout that made you feel like a boss, it’s time to take care of your muscles! If you’re wondering about Basil essential oil uses that can help after a workout, simply mix a few drops with V-6™ or add it into your CBD Oil Base and give yourself a refreshing massage to loosen up those tight muscles.

Spice up culinary creations

If you want to unlock the secret to easy, delicious recipes, reach for our Basil Vitality™ essential oil!  Basil Vitality is good for adding to sauces, marinades, or salad dressings for that sweet herby kick without the hassle of sorting through your spices. Plus, use it to elevate ordinary recipes in the kitchen to wow your family with updated dishes!

Young Living Basil Vitality Essential oil

If Basil sounds like a dream come true, just check out these herbal oil ideas for more uses! Or find some new favorites with these spring florals.

Which Basil tip caught your eye?

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