Joy in the Journey: A Conversation with Ben Riley and Jen Jordan

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On today’s episode we’re lucky to sit in on a conversation between two friends: Chief Sales Officer Ben Riley and Royal Crown Diamond Jen Jordan. Growing up, Jen knew she wanted to be a doctor; but on her way to getting a degree, she realized that another calling may be more suited to her skillset and desires. In her words, she “handed her dream over to God,” and when a husband and then three children came into her life, she felt that her decision was confirmed and her role as a wife and mother took priority. Today, she helps others become their own wellness advocates and continues to energize any room or community she walks into.

Jen’s experience with oils began around 2009 when her sister, April Pointer—also a Royal Crown Diamond—introduced her to Young Living. Jen started using essential oils two years later, but only as a “closet oiler,” despite the fact that the oils changed her life. She reluctantly taught her first class, thinking that the attendees would just “go away” after listening. Of course, that didn’t happen. 
With a life motto of “Love God; love people,” Jen has built her business around encouraging, empowering, and building up others. She explains that she is “continuing a culture of positivity” in the lives of the leaders she works with. Jen and her husband, Adaryll, are inspired to continue that generosity with those they meet in everyday life.