Learning about Trends

GARY: Are you studying the trends of today? Even Cosmopolitan magazine talks about trends. I remember years ago Faith Popcorn was writing about trends. How many have heard of Faith Popcorn? Yes, she writes about business. Twenty years ago she wrote: “Pay attention! The new trend is aromatherapy.” Where are we today? Essential oils are vitally important!

france lavender 3So, it’s about reading and studying trends, staying ahead of them, and looking at how you can adapt, improvise, adjust, and become part of the trends that are happening. It’s really important. Yes, it’s how Mary built 20 years ago, and how 25 years ago, I built my distributorships, my businesses. I was the top person in two different multilevel companies in the early 1980s. Why? Because I needed money to get through school.

There’s so much that you can do, and this industry is the greatest industry in the world that allows you to be independent, free-thinking, progressive, and successful financially, progressing every day into what you want to become.

So where is the essential oil industry going? Look at the trends. I think everybody here has grown a garden or at least had a plant in their house or a tree in their yard; so they understand that there’s only so much space and so many farms to grow and only so many plants, and yet the increase and the demand for more oil is growing very fast.

Young Living is the only company that studied the trends and demand. We understand where it’s going and have positioned ourselves to be the supplier of your future. If I hadn’t started 30 years ago, we wouldn’t have the oils today. Some of you can remember, I told you five years ago, if I hadn’t developed the farms in France 23 years ago, we would not have lavender. You Young Living people may be the only ones in the world today who have true Lavandula angustifolia, also called Lavandula officinalis—true lavender.

Gary planting lavender in France, 2003.

Gary planting lavender in France.