Open Your Mind to Start Inner Discovery, With Essential Oils

Editor’s Note: This blog post is the second of six that are an overview of the workshop given by D. Gary Young at the 2012 Young Living International Grand Convention, on spiritual healing.

In the convention break-out session, we watched scenes from the movie Iron Will. Young Will Stoneman wanted to win a dogsled race back in the early 1900s. All the odds were against him 1,000 percent. What helped him accomplish his win? An emotion. An emotion that stirred a passion.

Movie poster of Iron Will with face of Will Steadman next to his racing dog and above a picture of a dogsled

Can you find an emotion that stirs your passion? Or do you choose to find an emotion that stirs negativity and paralyzes you in lack, suffering, misery, pain, disease, poverty, or loneliness?

Develop a passion for life and living. Get to know who you are. Know your inner space. Develop your relationship with God and self. Be persistent with your focus in life. Was Will Stoneman persistent? Being committed to “good enough” wasn’t good enough for him—accepting just $3,000 was not good enough, especially because he risked losing everything, including his team, his life, his home, and the family farm. He fought for and won the $10,000 prize.

Invest in your self-discovery and inner strength. See yourself as God does. Embrace yourself where you are and then move beyond it.

Emotions. Heal the mind to heal the hurt and the heart. Is there anyone here who has never had any hurt?  Where does the emotion start? In the mind. So how are you going to access that to start your healing process? How are you going to open your mind to start your inner discovery?


Frankincense is one of the greatest stimulants for your spiritual communication. In ancient times the people never labeled emotions; they never labeled diseases. They didn’t create a bunch of labels so that they could create a bunch of drugs. Everything in ancient times was spiritual and involved the deities. If you were sick, it was because it was an evil deity had made you so. If you were healthy, it was because you were living in a high spiritual form. If you were negative, it was because you were possessed by a deity. It wasn’t called emotion. Everything in ancient times was spiritual.

We have identified an element called emotions, which gives us power over ourselves. Because we have more information, we can do more. Emotional and spiritual healing with oils: is it possible? Yes! Begin your path with Frankincense or The Gift blend. Rub it on the back of your neck around the brain stem. Stimulate the opening of the locus coeruleus and give yourself a couple of minutes just to feel the feeling and experience the emotions that start to come up. Stay in a quiet, still place. No candles burning, no music playing.

When I go in for a massage or a therapy session, the first thing they do is put on a tape or a disc for music, and I turn it off because it’s extremely offensive to me. I want to hear silence because only in silence can you hear the real sound and receive the real messages. We use noise to escape. We use noise to avoid dealing with issues. Emotions cause pain in the mind, the body, and the separation of the spirit.

How many of you have felt pain and then felt really spiritual at the same time? I’ve heard it said many times, “I can’t believe how spiritual she is when she is racked with so much pain.”

Folks, I have had pain to the point that I attempted to take my life. I know what pain is to the nth degree. I did not feel spiritual at that level of pain. I have said to people that have made that statement to me, “Yes, everyone can have a level of spirituality in pain, but how much greater would the level of spirituality be if that person were not in pain? Pain is bondage, not freedom.” When you are healthy, you feel more spiritual.


When we refer to emotional healing or therapy, in many ways some are from the old schools of thought: psychiatry, psychology, anger management, neuro-linguistics, modified behavior counseling, and many, many more. Every town has clinics offering ways for you to deal with your emotions and behavior. Do you need the clinics? Are you throwing away your money?

Endorphins are pain suppressors and ecstasy inducers. Ecstasy is the antidote to a disease- and pain-free body. Pain and disease cannot live or be present in the frequency of ecstasy. Ecstasy is the highest physical vibration of the human body. Why aren’t we there? Why don’t we feel ecstasy 24/7? Because we get caught up in stuff, even though we know we’re not supposed to “sweat the small stuff.” But the stuff becomes bigger and bigger to us.

In the term “psychosomatic,” “psycho” means mind, and “soma” means body. Can they be separated? No, not until you die. Emotions link mind and body, and the molecules of emotion run every system in your body. Think about it and about the last time you had a negative emotion or got upset about something.

For example, say you received your Young Living order. You ordered the Essential 7 Kit with extra Joy, but you received ComforTone and ParaFree instead. What emotion did it create? After the emotion came up inside, how did your stomach feel? Did you stop and say, “Wow! This is a blessing in disguise, because I have been constipated, and the doctor I went to last week said I have parasites”? But we don’t go there, do we? We always go to the negative side first. Folks, as long as we go to the negative side first every time something comes up, how are we going to progress?

Do we look at the gifts, or do we look at the problems?