Sharing YL the Right Way

Do FDA regulations have you feeling tongue-tied? Sometimes it can be difficult to sort out what is true and what is myth, and that can make you feel less confident when trying to share Young Living products with your family, friends, or acquaintances.


We’re here to give you back the power to share! Our Sharing YL the Right Way initiative isn’t just do’s and don’ts—although there are some of those. It’s really our way of empowering you with definitive facts that you can call on when sharing the products and opportunity you love. When it’s time to share, you won’t be left speechless!


There is a wealth of sharing resources at your disposal in Virtual Office, and we’ve created a special guide to help you get what you need. Lindsey Elmore, Young Living’s director of global education and health sciences, walks you through Sharing YL the Right Way in this short video:



Visit “Sharing YL the Right Way” today in your Virtual Office and regain the power to share! What’s your favorite “Sharing YL the Right Way” resource? Let us know in the comments!