Show some love to strong women this month!

May is the perfect time to show Mom some extra love, but why stop there? This month we’re celebrating amazing women everywhere!

That’s why May’s PV promo is filled with products that are ready to share with a boss, parent, daughter, or any lady you feel makes a difference. Plus, this month only we’ve added an extra qualifying tier for even more rewards—including Valor®! Trust us, you won’t want to miss getting this freebie to share or keep.

See how you can use two of the promotion’s seven products to empower yourself and other women and click here to learn how to get them all for free!


Valor Essential Oil - Young LivingKnown for its bold, empowering aroma, Valor® is the perfect blend to share with the strong women in your life—and now is the best time to get this recently returned best-selling oil!

  • Use for an at-home massage by combining a few drops of Valor with Young Living’s V-6™ Vegetable Oil Complex or ask your significant other for a foot or back massage. We know you deserve it!
  • Diffuse this oil to fill your area with its grounding aroma. It’s perfect for your office space or wherever you sit down to power through your checklist.
  • Apply this sweet, woodsy blend to your wrists, temples, or chest when preparing to take on a challenging day. Its confidence-boosting aroma will help you feel ready to seize the day.
  • Create custom skin care by adding a few drops of Valor to a neutral lotion. Store in a travel-sized container in your purse, car, or office, so you can always apply a scent as unique as you.

Orange Vitality

Orange Vitality - Young LivingTreat the leading ladies in your life to something special enhanced with Orange Vitality™! With a fresh, citrus taste, this versatile oil is easy to add to sweet and savory entrées, snacks, and desserts.

  • Make breakfast in bed for Mom with orange-infused pancakes or waffles or whip up a fruit salad or yogurt parfait enhanced with 1–2 drops of citrus flavor.
  • Use frozen fruit, almond milk, and Orange Vitality to create a cool, spring smoothie to share with a friend. It’s a great post-workout reward for gym buddies!
  • Make yogurt popsicles for daughters or nieces by combining 1 cup yogurt, ¼ cup honey, fresh fruit, and 1–2 drops Orange Vitality. You’ll create sweet memories and share a special moment!
  • Add Orange Vitality to a favorite baked goods recipe for a citrus spin. Gift your creation to a friend or mentor with a card thanking her for all she does.

How will you let someone know that he or she inspires you? Tell us in the comments!