Stocking stuffers for everyone on your list

Stocking Stuffers for Everyone On Your List - Young Living Lavender Life Blog

Run, run, Rudolph—it’s time to start chasing after the ultimate stocking stuffers! Whether you’re shopping for a gag-gift lover or an already-owns-everything BFF, finding the perfect present can be a challenge. But no seasonal stress here—we’ve got the stocking stuffer ideas you need for your dad, quirky coworker, and everyone in between—all with the goodness of Young Living products.

Stocking stuffers for men

For the bearded boy

Forget No-Shave November—this renaissance man boasts a beard all year long. Alongside the beard comb and trimmers that you’ve so thoughtfully picked out, you’ll want to help him keep things silky smooth with Shutran® Beard Oil. Trying to give the hint that you prefer the beardless look? Go with Shutran® Shave Cream instead.

For picky parents & stylish sons

They know what they like when they see it, and they’re all about quality over quantity. Help the man in your life curate a luxurious bathroom experience with Peppermint-Cedarwood and Shutran bar soaps.

Flat lay of Shutran Beard Oil and Shave Cream alongside men's grooming tools and pine cones - Young Living Lavender Life Blog

Stocking stuffers for women

For the pampering pro

Know someone who’s always relaxed and chill to the max? You’ll recognize them for their flawless skin, relaxed aura, and constant glow-up tips! For this self-care star, we know that gifting them a bit of “me” time with Stress Away™ Relaxing Bath Bombs and an at-home facial with Satin Facial Scrub™ will be a holiday hit.

For the makeup artist

Move over, beauty bloggers—we’ve got our own hair and makeup hero right on our list. When you’re trying to conquer the flick of a cat eye or figure out your shade, this person is your go-to. Thank them for their constant counsel and compliments with our Silicone Brush Cleansing Pad and Solid Brush Cleanser to keep all those brushes fresh and clean.

KidScents Sweet Dreams Bath Bombs sitting on wooden bath tray - Young Living Lavender Life blog

Stocking stuffers for kids

For the bath lover

Is it bathtime or bedtime? Do both with our KidScents® Sweet Dreams Bath Bombs! Your kids will love how the cloud-shaped bombs leave trails of purple through the bathwater, and the calming aroma of Lavender will help them snuggle into bed with ease.

For the shy one

They have the confidence; sometimes they just need a little push to get there! Help your kid tap into their potential with KidScents KidPower™ Roll-On. With this blend in their pocket, they’ll feel empowered to take matters into their own hands and let their personality shine.

Stocking stuffers for teens

For the teen who likes to stand out

They go against the grain, and they want a gift that will match their vibe! Make them a custom perfume or cologne using small, empty bottles and our essential oil recipes to create a signature scent all their friends will be asking about.

Stocking stuffers for everyone

For the neat freak

Calling all obsessive organizers and cleaning champions on your list. These gifts are for the A types who love nothing more than whipping out a bucket and sponge and getting to work! Make sure their hobbies help their homes shine and use clean ingredients too with Thieves® Spray. Keep the Thieves theme going with Thieves® Waterless Hand Purifier and Thieves® Fruit & Veggie Spray.

DIY essential oil perfume in bottles next to essential oil - Young Living Lavender Life Blog

For the overachieving athlete

It doesn’t matter if it’s the morning of Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year’s Day—this fitness guru is at the gym before the sun even rises. Don’t bother with gifts they’ll pretend to like. Instead, help them recover with Cool Azul® Sports Gel.

For the essential oil skeptic

Going the natural route can be intimidating, and some people just need a little push before they dive in! For the essential oil skeptics in your life, give them something you know they’ll rave about with our Stress Away and Deep Relief™ roll-ons. They’ll be swept off their feet by the tropical scent of Stress Away, and the deep and cooling aroma of Peppermint will help them soothe those tired muscles. It’s the perfect stocking stuffer for newbies!

Woman applying Deep Relief Roll-On - Young Living Lavender Life Blog

Still have some wiggle room in those stockings? Fill them to the brim with even more Young Living favorites!

  • Lip balm—When the weather gets dry and dreary, brighten their day with our Under the Mistletoe Lip Balm Set for three festive holiday scents that will leave them smiling.
  • Seedlings® Linen Spray—Not just for babies, our Seedlings Linen Spray will leave every sheet and blanket in your home feeling cozy and ready for guests.
  • Natural Deodorant—Most deodorants are full of harsh chemicals. Go the natural route with CinnaFresh™ Deodorant and give your friends a festive taste of the natural life.
  • CBD Muscle Rub—Give your friends 10 days of happy muscles! Our sample tin of CBD Muscle Rub provides 10 doses of this soothing cream to help them wind down after all that gift wrapping.

Once the stockings are stuffed, it’s time to go big! Spoil the man in your life with 8 gift ideas for him, and find 5 winter staples that go great in any home!

What Young Living favorite are you planning to gift this holiday season?

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