We Can Fulfill Our Destiny!

I appreciated so much Shawn Achor talking about happiness and how happiness can be found in many different forms, shapes, and places. Happiness can come out of pain. Happiness can come out of suffering. In suffering and pain, we can see happiness if we choose to.

I would like everyone who has a bottle of Fulfill Your Destiny to take it out of your pocket, put a couple of drops in the palm of your hand, rub it around, cup it over your nose, and breathe it in. And while you’re doing that, I want you to close your eyes and visualize where you want your destiny to take you and what you would like to see that look like. In health, in finances, in emotions, in spirituality, see what that looks like to you.

Then, for example, people are here tonight who have a financial struggle, see yourself living outside the struggle. See yourself living in grace and ease and happiness. If you’re needing better health, see yourself already healthy. See yourself doing the things that maybe you can’t do right now and feel what it feels like to be able to do what you may be limited in and can’t do at the moment.

Because what we put in here and how we articulate the information in that space between our ears determines the outcome of where we’re going tomorrow. And it may not happen—your vision, your desires may not happen tomorrow, next week, or next month. But if you believe in who you are, and you believe there’s a God in heaven, then you can change it.

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