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Being a parent is difficult enough without having to constantly question whether the products you use to help raise your child are safe. With Young Living’s Seedlings® line of painstakingly naturally derived products, we take on the burden of product experts so you can focus on what’s most important: your relationship with your little ones. Spend less time reading ingredient lists and more time reading bedtime stories with Seedlings.

Seedlings Calm essential oil blend

Dreamland is only a few drops away with the soft, relaxing, floral notes of Seedlings Calm™ essential oil blend. The smooth blend of Lavender, Coriander, Bergamot, Ylang Ylang, and Geranium creates a naturally comforting environment to help you and your little one relax at bedtime or naptime.

The carefully selected essential oils in Seedlings Calm create a warm and welcoming environment, while the sweet aroma from this unique blend of botanicals helps babies settle as they head to dreamland. Its soothing, calming scent can be found in all Seedlings products.

Seedlings Calm Essential Oil Blend - Young Living Essential Oils

Diffuse this blend up to 30 minutes 3 times daily.

YL tip: Seedlings Calm isn’t only for babies and kiddos. Adults can use it throughout the home to invite calm into the day.

Seedlings Baby Wash & Shampoo - Young Living Essential Oils

Seedlings Baby Wash & Shampoo

Seedlings Baby Wash & Shampoo is a gentle, essential oil-infused, tear-free formula created with your infant’s delicate skin in mind. Its 100 percent plant-based formula leaves skin and hair soft and clean and helps keep tangles manageable. The mild and tear-free formula transforms stressful bath nights into a fun and relaxing way for your little ones to get ready for bed.

This product is formulated without sulfates, parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals, animal-derived ingredients, synthetic preservatives, synthetic fragrances, or synthetic dyes, so you can have peace of mind when using it on children of all ages.

To use, wet hair and skin with warm water. Apply a small amount to a moistened washcloth or hand. Gently lather over body and scalp. Rinse with water or wipe with a warm, wet washcloth.

YL tip: Keep a bottle of Seedlings Baby Wash & Shampoo near the sink to help gently clean baby when eating solids becomes a fun, messy activity.

Seedlings Diaper Rash Cream

Young Living’s exclusive Seedlings Diaper Rash Cream conditions baby’s skin and helps relieve, treat, and prevent diaper rash, soothing your little one during sensitive times. Formulated with your infant’s delicate skin in mind, this extra-gentle, mild formula rubs in smoothly and acts as a physical barrier, protecting minor irritations and chafed skin associated with diaper rash from wetness and other irritants.

Change wet and soiled diapers promptly. Allow the area to dry. Apply cream liberally with each diaper change, especially at bedtime or any time exposure to wet diapers may be prolonged.

Seedlings Linen Spray

Seedlings Linen Spray creates a relaxing, soothing atmosphere with premium essential oils when spritzed on crib sheets, blankets, car seats, and more. It combines calming Lavender essential oil, sweet Coriander essential oil, serene Bergamot essential oil, and floral Ylang Ylang and Geranium essential oils to promote peaceful feelings and a relaxing environment for your little ones.

Shake well before use. Spray on linens as needed.

Seedlings Diaper Rash Cream, Seedlings Linen Spray, & Seedlings Calm Essential Oil Blend - Young Living Essential Oils

YL tip: Seedlings Linen spray isn’t just great for babies. Use it for your older kids or even in your own bed to create a peaceful environment, perfect for a good night’s rest.

Seedlings Baby Oil - Young Living Essential Oils

Seedlings Baby Oil

Our Seedlings Baby Oil contains a mild, gentle formula developed to moisturize, soothe, and nourish infants’ delicate skin. Its non-greasy formula helps it absorb smoothly into skin while offering nourishing moisturization.

Apply a small amount to your hands. Rub hands together to warm the oil and gently massage into baby’s skin.

Seedlings Baby Lotion

Seedlings Baby Lotion nourishes your baby’s skin by replacing lost moisture and supporting the skin’s moisture barrier, leaving your baby’s skin feeling soft, smooth, and soothed. It is formulated specifically for infants’ delicate skin and is lightly scented with our Seedlings Calm essential oil blend.

To apply, squeeze a small amount into your hands. Rub hands together to warm the lotion and gently massage into baby’s skin.

Apply to your own skin any time you need a moisture boost.

Seedlings Baby Lotion - Young Living Essential Oils
Seedlings Baby Wipes - Young Living Essential Oils

Seedlings Baby Wipes

Our soothing, all-purpose Seedlings Baby Wipes are infused with premium essential oils that are gentle enough for use on hands, faces, and bottoms. These wipes contain soothing calendula and witch hazel extracts, hydrating aloe, and calming Lavender premium essential oil that combine with wipe material derived from wood pulp to provide ultra-soft but thorough cleansing for your little one’s delicate skin. The scent of Seedlings Calm essential oil blend is soothing for babies, and the soft, thick wipe material allows for a gentle, efficient clean for any mess.

When using these baby wipes, make sure to close the lid firmly after each use to keep moist. Do not flush this product. Store at room temperature.

YL tip: Keep an extra pack in your car, purse, or even in the high chair for gentle cleaning on the go.

Seedlings Tender Tush

Seedlings Tender Tush™ is an all-purpose ointment that nourishes and soothes baby’s delicate skin. Made with plant-based ingredients, this product creates a moisturizing barrier on the skin and helps protect infants’ delicate skin. Its gentle and mild formula makes it perfect for daily use to nourish your baby’s skin.

Apply liberally to diaper area as often as needed to help soothe and protect skin. This versatile product is also great for use on other areas such as elbows, chins, cheeks, knees, and other dry, sensitive spots.

Seedlings Tender Tush - Young Living Essential Oils

Items from the Seedlings line are not strictly for babies. They can be used for your older kids or even adults as well. If you would like to learn more about essential oils options for your older kids, read this blog post.

Young Living Seedlings Line - Young Living Essential Oils

If you are a mother-to-be who is prepping for your baby, read here for essential oil tips that will help you have a relaxed pregnancy.

If you’re ever feeling discouraged about the almost endless list of child care products to check and double check for safe ingredients, remember Seedlings. We’re doing things the right way by ensuring pure, safe products with naturally derived ingredients so you can take it easy and focus on your children.

Which Seedlings products are your favorite?

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